PRO (Hybrid & Elite)

Crafted using the finest professional grade willow.

New for 2017, The PRO range is crafted using the finest professional grade willow with a large hitting area and exquisite balance. Our batmakers worked closely with professional cricketers to design and craft the ultimate profiles to suit the demanding needs of today’s game. Like all of our 2017 ranges, the PRO edition is available in two distinctive profiles; the Hybrid and Elite.

The PRO Hybrid, with its enormous profile and edges, is a favourite with our big-hitting pro’s, whilst the PRO Elite with its gravity defying size to weight ratio, is a favourite amongst our top order professional who require a lightweight blade with unrivalled power.

Cricket Bat Profile Middle High Edges Oversized

PRO Elite Features

  • Classical profile with a tapered toe
  • Ultra lightweight adults bat with a starting weights from 2lb 06oz
  • Pronounced bow with a huge middle
  • Available in SH, LH, Harrow, and sizes 4-6


  • MKI English Willow: $1,100
  • MKII English Willow: $999
  • MKI English Willow (Harrow): $599
  • MKI English Willow (Sizes 4 - 6): $499
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PRO Hybrid Features

  • Our biggest over-sized hybrid cricket bat
  • Enormous sweeping profile ensuring an outstanding middle
  • Dynamic concanved profile ensures an unbelievable lightweight pickup
  • Starting weights from 2lb 10oz
  • Available in SH & LH


  • MKI English Willow: $1,100
  • MKII English Willow: $999

Cricket Bat Profile Middle Hybrid Edges Oversized